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The people keeping Uplift going in 2022

Uplift is nothing without its members! Today we launch our annual end-of-year fundraising drive. And we want to tell you a bit about how and why. Here’s something that makes our members special: by being part of Uplift, you’re one of the people who do things a bit differently. There’s…
Alex Barton
22nd December 2021
Photo of a billboard with an image of bread and a period pad with price tags attached. Below says, 'You shouldn't have to choose.' Press Releases

A sliced pan or period products? Billboard planted outside Minister Stephen Donnelly’s local shop sends message about period poverty

After the Minister for Health spent months stalling on announcing measures to end period poverty, members of the campaigning community Uplift, who care deeply about the issue, sent him a reminder he can’t ignore. The billboard in Greystones illustrates the reality of period poverty for tens of thousands of menstruating…
Alex Barton
2nd November 2021
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Ending period poverty – Why we care

Everyone should have the right to manage their periods with dignity and good hygiene. But lots of people in Ireland miss school because of feeling shamed and uncomfortable about their periods - and many struggle to buy pads, tampons or reusable period products. Something as fundamental to our wellbeing as…
Alex Barton
11th August 2021
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COVID-19 & 5G conspiracy theories

If you suspect something you’re reading on the internet, social media or on a messaging app such as WhatsApp is digital disinformation (fake news) ie. not true, you can check it at or Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, unfounded conspiracy theories linking the virus to 5G…
Alex Barton
21st April 2020

A curriculum fit for the last century

The last changes made to the current sex and relationship curriculum in Ireland took place in 1999. Since this time, the population has increased by over 1 million people, four Taoiseachs have been in power, social media was invented and the school population has increased to its highest numbers since…
Alex Barton
8th November 2019
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