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October 2022

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We’ve done a lot of work together

All over Ireland, people are doing amazing things - filling us with hope and energy to keep working together for a better Ireland for us all, despite so much bad news. Grab a cuppa and have a read about what our Uplift community has been up to. “Don’t freeze us out…
Alex Barton
27th October 2022
Title text says Join the #StopSettlements campaign - sign the petition and share it with your community at Underneath the text there is an image with labels on top of eachother all reading versions of "stop settlements/illegal products CampaignUncategorised

Take action to stop illegal settlements

One hundred and sixty Palestinian people have been killed by Israeli forces since our campaign for the EU to stop trading with illegal settlements started in January.   Settlements are illegal, but politicians from Ireland and other countries in the EU turn a blind eye and still trade with them. That’s why we’ve been…
Alex Barton
21st October 2022
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