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Uplift is recruiting a Director of Operations at Uplift

This is a senior leadership role working closely with Uplift's Executive Director and perfect for someone who loves working in a dynamic environment, committed to progressive values, has a ‘can do’ attitude, is good at problem solving, curious, open minded, innovative and highly organised. You will be responsible for the…
30th April 2021
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Supertrawlers: We made a splash in the EU

We’re winning! 🐬 After years of hard work from campaigners like you, this month  EU fishing rules have been overhauled and plans to put CCTV cameras on-board Supertrawlers have been voted through. Supertrawlers with huge nets are hoovering up fish and killing dolphins and whales off the coast of Ireland.…
Michelle Byrne
31st March 2021
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People power is pushing back on CETA

CETA is a dangerous deal that threatens democracy and puts the interests of big business before the interests of people, our health and environment. The Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement (CETA), also known as the Canada-EU trade deal, is a gift to corporate investors and a threat to democracy. CETA signs…
Michelle Byrne
10th March 2021
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Meeting Norma Foley to talk Sex Ed

Last week, we were invited to a last minute meeting with Minister for Education, Norma Foley, to talk about the people-powered submission on Sex Education that more than 880 of us put together. But there was a catch - members couldn’t attend. She might have seen the ad that Uplift…
18th February 2021
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Connecting Struggles: The Story of UpSkill 2020

Uplift is a community of people who speak truth to power. We take thousands of actions every day on hundreds of different campaigns: for our climate, homes, healthcare, equality and other social issues that affect our everyday lives.  The problems we face -  as people trying to make the world…
29th January 2021
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The Future of Media in Ireland Submission

Introduction The quality of our media matters. Democracy doesn’t function properly without a well functioning public media that is universally accessible for all and that is trustworthy, credible and independent. The media, especially public service media, forms a ‘social glue’ that helps shape our understanding of the world around us.…
21st January 2021
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Behind the walls of the housing industry

Greedy property developers have been dealt two big blows at the end of 2020 thanks to thousands of us taking co-ordinated action together. Glenveigh Homes didn’t get their hands on our precious public land at Oscar Traynor Road and Minister for Housing Darragh O’Brien listened to us and banned cramped…
Frances McMullin
15th January 2021