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Uplift’s People Powered Forest

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Welcome to Uplift’s People-Powered Forest News Update Blog

November 2022:

Our community is really committed to nature and protecting our environment, so now we want to plant more trees and grow our people-powered forest.

Our friends at Future Forests Garden Centre will supply us with hundreds more native Irish trees – but first, we have to find sponsors for the trees so that we can transport, prepare the land and plant the trees – to ensure our next forest has the best chance of getting off the ground. 

If enough trees are sponsored, in the New Year, we will plant beautiful oaks, beech, alder, and rowanberry trees on land donated for our people-powered forest.

As a tree sponsor, you know you’re helping to keep our air clean and our biodiversity alive – you’ll be sent a lovely certificate via email – that you can also give to someone you want to sponsor the tree for – and be kept informed throughout the year of your trees progress with photos, blogs and a newsletter.

You can sponsor your tree now:

Sponsor a tree

Chip in for planting costs

September 2022:

The people-powered forest has benefitted from the warm weather and is getting taller and healthier. Already the saplings are big enough to start being homes to small creatures, insects and butterfliesfair play to all of us who sponsored a tree. When we see the results of our contribution and hard work, it’s satisfying to know that the trees are already doing their important work of cleaning the air and helping increase the biodiversity of one small corner of our island. Just imagine what hundreds of similar forests could do all over Ireland.

March 2022:

Good news – our community’s people-powered forest is being planted! We’ve been working hard during the good weather, getting the land ready – and planting beautiful native Irish trees. Helped by Bella the dog! 

Banner of 4 images - two with trees in the ground, one with Uplift director Siobhan and Matt from Future Trees, and another picture showing a girl and dog planting trees

December 2021:

Uplift members love trees – that’s why we’ve launched our very own people-powered forest. Here’s how it works.

We’ve teamed up with the renowned garden centre Future Forests. They’ve given us 600 native Irish saplings – lovely oaks, rowanberries, alder, beech, hawthorn. The folk at Future Forest want to support our community’s work to help make the planet a liveable thriving place for nature and people.  

The first set of trees are being planted on land donated for our people-powered forest in Schull, Co. Cork – before the growing season for bare root trees ends this spring. When the season starts again later in the year, we’ll expand the forest to other parts of Ireland. Already, Uplift members have offered land in Galway, Clare and Wicklow – and we’re only getting started. 

Image of grassy land with trees in the background

Donated land in Schull for the first people-powered forest

Over 500 of us have sponsored a tree so far, but we’re still not over the line. There are 85 more trees left to sponsor. You can sponsor a tree here, if you haven’t already, or chip in for planting costs. 

Sponsor a tree

Chip in for planting costs

Growing trees needs careful planning and management. That’s why we’ve started on land designated for the trees in Schull, West Cork – where the owners Siobhán and Stephen can guarantee that the forest will be protected and not disturbed.  

Keep an eye on this page for more updates and photos of our first people-powered forest’s progress. 

A tree sapling on donated land for the Uplift's people-powered forest

A tree sapling on donated land for the Uplift's people-powered forest

Photos of the first saplings of our people-powered forest at Schull, West Cork.

The thing is, when you sponsor a tree, you are actually sponsoring a forest! 

Trees grow as part of an ecosystem – the balance of plants, animals, microbes and other organisms that work together to create the best environment possible. That’s why it’s important that the trees Uplift members are sponsoring are not being planted individually – but as part of a managed ecosystem i.e. our people-powered forest. 

When you sponsor a tree you will be sent a certificate. Members are sharing stories about how they sponsored trees as a present for a loved one, using the certificate to let them know what they did. All you need to do is print it off or add an electronic signature when you get the certificate in the thank you email. 

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