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Uplift is a people-powered community of over 350,000 people from every corner of Ireland who take action alongside each other to fight for a better Ireland, where everyone can flourish. Through our petitions and digital campaigns, we’ve won big campaigns together: like increasing the number of people seeking refuge Ireland welcomes, keeping our maternity hospitals public and stopping vulture funds from evicting people from their homes. As an Uplift member, you can start a petition of your own, or sign someone else’s petition for change.


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Together we campaign for

A Thriving Environment

We believe in protecting our planet and its people from harm. This means pushing for policies and practices that eliminate our dependency on fossil fuels, toxic chemicals and plastics. Together, we want to create a vision for a flourishing and healthy environment, and for all the living creatures who call this planet home.

Transparent Democracy

We believe that democracy comes from the bottom up, not the top down. Politicians should work for us, not corporate lobbyists. We work to raise our voices collectively to hold decision makers to account. Together, we campaign for a thriving and critical civil society, more transparency from our Government institutions and politicians, and for greater regulation of corporations.


We believe that everyone is equal, and we fight to make the voices of people facing oppression and discrimination heard by decision makers. Together in solidarity, we work to push for better laws and policies for people seeking asylum, people who are undocumented, people from the Traveller community, people with disabilities, the LGBTQ+ community, women and working class people across the country.

Social and Economic Justice

We believe that an equal and just society is possible, if we work together to build it. This means that we campaign for public services that serve the needs of the people, not corporate greed. Together we work for a better health system, high quality and affordable public housing and multinational corporations paying their fair share towards a healthy, happy and thriving society.

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CampaignNewsNews UpdatePalestineUncategorised
17th July 2024

Arms Trade with Israel

New research, paid for by Uplift members, has shown worrying financial support from the Irish government to Israeli weapons manufacturers and spikes in dual-use exports to Israel which may violate our human rights obligations. The full report can be read here but a summary of the key points are listed…
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Big TechCampaignNewsNews Update
16th April 2024

Social media is hurting us: Results of Uplift’s big tech survey

We all want online spaces that are safe and where we can connect with others — but right now, social media bosses like Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk are hurting us and pushing content at us that we don’t want to see. The Uplift community has spent years fighting for…
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People at the protest with text Everyday is Future. Blog for climate solutions: Building public support for climate solutions: A Narrative Guide
CampaignClimateNewsNews Update
28th March 2024

Building public support for climate solutions: A Narrative Guide

Climate change is the biggest threat to our safety and health we have ever encountered. So how do we get the conversation about climate change so loud and clear, that future governments know they have no choice but to stop those responsible for poisoning our air, water, soil, nature and…
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About Us

Uplift is a people-powered campaigning community of over 350,000 people who, through starting online petitions and launching campaigns, take coordinated action for progressive change across Ireland.

We are a self-supporting independent organisation. We believe that when we work together towards a common goal we can create a better society.

We know that people are not apathetic but desire engagement in our democracy. People want to have a say in decisions that shape the Ireland that we live in. By connecting with each other we will help to create a stronger, more powerful voice and have much broader impact.

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