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March 2020

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How to Talk About COVID-19

Update: 15th of April 2020 As the storyteller Alice Sachrajda says, the COVID-19 pandemic can be thought of like a story-book. As with every story we have a beginning, middle and end - we have a protagonist, we have a villain, and a big challenge that we must overcome. Originally,…
20th March 2020
CoronavirusNews Update

Covid-19: Your rights and entitlements

Covid-19 has seen our lives transformed in a matter of weeks; from plans and events cancelled or postponed, living spaces turned into home offices, learning new technologies and not being able to see our nearest and dearest. It’s times like this that we are reminded we are all part of…
20th March 2020

Glyphosate in our Bodies – Press Conference

On March 19th Uplift will release the results of our glyphosate testing experiment and Darina Allen has agreed to speak at a press conference. Confirmed: Glyphosate is in our bodies. We’ve tested politicians, breastfeeding mothers, a doctor and top chef Darina Allen. And everyone has tested positive for cancer-linked glyphosate…
3rd March 2020