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March 2020

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How to Talk About COVID-19

Update: 15th of April 2020 As the storyteller Alice Sachrajda says, the COVID-19 pandemic can be thought of like a story-book. As with every story we have a beginning, middle and end - we have a protagonist, we have a villain, and a big challenge that we must overcome. Originally,…
Siobhán O'Donoghue
20th March 2020

Glyphosate in our Bodies – Press Conference

On March 19th Uplift will release the results of our glyphosate testing experiment and Darina Allen has agreed to speak at a press conference. Confirmed: Glyphosate is in our bodies. We’ve tested politicians, breastfeeding mothers, a doctor and top chef Darina Allen. And everyone has tested positive for cancer-linked glyphosate…
Siobhán O'Donoghue
3rd March 2020
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