Glyphosate in our Bodies – Press Conference

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On March 19th Uplift will release the results of our glyphosate testing experiment and Darina Allen has agreed to speak at a press conference.

Confirmed: Glyphosate is in our bodies. We’ve tested politicians, breastfeeding mothers, a doctor and top chef Darina Allen. And everyone has tested positive for cancer-linked glyphosate in their bodies – the main ingredient used in weed killer Roundup. [1]

Thanks to Uplift members paying for the tests – we’re now armed with information that much of the food and drink we consume every day is sprayed with dangerous glyphosate, right before it’s harvested for us to eat.

We’ve booked a press conference, and now Darina Allen, Ireland’s favourite chef, has agreed to speak publicly – a golden opportunity to get the media’s attention. [2]

Research has shown over-exposure to glyphosate poses a very significant health risk to humans. [3]

And the presence of glyphosate in our water systems is damaging our fragile biodiversity – everything from bees to butterflies are under threat. [4]

This community has been working tirelessly to end food crops being sprayed with glyphosate right before they are harvested. Together we’ve paid for ads in a national paper, a billboard outside the Agriculture Minister’s office in North Cork. [5] And we’ve uncovered the news that Ireland has the second highest level of glyphosate in surface water in all of Europe. [6]

Will you chip in to help cover the costs of the press conference – room hire, video/photographer and travel costs for speakers?




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