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We’ve done a lot of work together

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All over Ireland, people are doing amazing things – filling us with hope and energy to keep working together for a better Ireland for us all, despite so much bad news.

Grab a cuppa and have a read about what our Uplift community has been up to.

Don’t freeze us out this winter!

People sitting on stairs outside of the building with poster "Don't freeze us out this winter"

Everyone deserves a warm home, so before Budget 2023 was announced, our community’s demands were delivered straight to the Finance Minister’s office. [1] You can watch the video here.

Getting toxic chemicals out of our food and drink

Fair play to the members who’ve shared photos of their eye-catching ‘glyphosate beware’ beer mats. Our beer mats have been popping up in pubs and bars, spreading the message that toxic glyphosate is everywhere – even in our beer.

glyphosate beware’ beer mats

Uplift is a fivers and tenners movement – and it’s members like you who keep Uplift going. Will you chip in a fiver a month?

Chip in €5 a month to keep Uplift going

Standing up against fossil-fuelled Shannon LNG

Yusuf delivering Uplift's submission against Shannon LNG Just before An Bord Pleánala closed submissions on plans to build a fossil-fuelled gas plant, Shannon LNG (Liquified Natural Gas), our new team member Yusuf delivered our people-powered submission – signed by 1,400 of us. [2]

We’ve also been working hard to expose the truth about data centres – that are taking a massive slice of energy used in Ireland. [3] You can sign the petition to stop data centres and get involved here.

Sending love to Creeslough

There are no words to express the shock and sadness about the unbelievable tragedy that happened in Creeslough, Donegal. Our community came together to share over 1,500 messages of condolences. These are now being sent to the families who have lost loved ones. 💔

Healthcare we all need and deserve

Together, we’ve campaigned for free contraception and now some of us can get the contraception we need – but only up to the age of 30. Our campaigning community will keep pushing the Government to provide contraception free of charge for everyone who needs it. [4]

And great news, after our powerful campaign, free home STI testing kits are now available for anyone over the age of 17. [5]

graphic with hands holding contraception bills and text "Free Contraception for All" As a people-powered community, we all do our bit to keep Uplift going. Can you join with the hundreds of others who chip in a few euro every month?

I’ll chip in a bit every month

Fighting to keep our online spaces to be safe for everyone

For years, we’ve known that tech giants have put eye-watering profits before the wellbeing of people. This past week we’ve been turning up the heat on politicians, ahead of a new law being finalised called the Online Safety and Media Regulation Bill. [6] The next few weeks will be really busy – if you want to get involved you can sign our open letter – here.

Our beautiful social justice stickers

Whatever Uplift campaign you support, there’s a sticker for that! Check out this fabulous series of campaign stickers designed by our graphic design student, Katy-May:

graphic of Uplift's social justice badges Available through our Uplift shop (coming soon!), we’ll be seeing them all over people’s laptops, water bottles, windows and more – right across Ireland. Sign up for a sticker here.

Safe and Secure Homes For All

Right before this government announced a ban on evictions, we landed thousands of signatures on TDs desks – showing them that their voters want them to keep people in their homes this winter. [7]

We’ve also been pushing hard for empty properties to be turned into livable homes. There are more vacant homes in Ireland than people who are homeless. [8] Petitions have been started in every single county and city across Ireland calling on local councils to turn empty properties into liveable homes. Have you signed yet? Sign your local petition here.

Have you got a story to tell about the planning system in Ireland?

Uplift members chipped to campaign for a more open and fair planning system. [9] We’ve teamed up with legal experts to challenge the secrecy and lack of information being made available to the public that gets in the way of good community planning. The legal team would love to talk to you – sign up if you are interested in hearing more or you just want to share your story – here.

More good news…

Thousands of us got behind Simon’s campaign to save basking sharks – and now this government has promised to make sure they are protected. [10]

Michelle’s campaign to keep bus routes open in rural Waterford was successful – as was the news that menopause is going to be covered in the school curriculum. [11,12]

Artists evicted at Richmond Road studios have found a new home – and Trinity students have succeeded in getting the college to stop investing in the war industry. [13,14]

You can read about more of the great campaigns members have kickstarted here. If you have a burning issue you want to change, why not start your own campaign for free right now? You can start a petition here.

I hope you feel uplifted and excited about what we can achieve when we work together. From starting petitions, joining campaigns, and sharing our opinions there’s so much we are doing. But more of us need to double down to keep Uplift going and chip in every month. Can I count on you?

Yes, I’ll chip in a bit every month

Fair play for being a part of our community.

P.S: Some of us won’t be able to afford to chip in right now – and that’s ok. But if you can afford to please click here or call 01 513 3043. Our address is Uplift,13 Dorset Street Lower, Dublin 1, D01 Y893.


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