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One hundred and sixty Palestinian people have been killed by Israeli forces since our campaign for the EU to stop trading with illegal settlements started in January. [1] 

Settlements are illegal, but politicians from Ireland and other countries in the EU turn a blind eye and still trade with them. [2] That’s why we’ve been calling for the EU to stop trading with all illegal settlements. 

We know people like you care deeply about this issue and have already gotten behind it. But there are lots more people in Ireland who still don’t know about how they can take action and make a difference. 

But we have a plan – if enough people chip in, we can get eye-catching flyers with stories from people who’ve had their homes stolen by settlers mailed into hundreds of letterboxes across Ireland. 

If we can get this campaign into the homes of people across the country, we will smash the target we need for the EU to have this important debate. So, will you chip in to get this important campaign posted into thousands of homes across the country? 

I’ll chip in €20 to get the campaign to 20 homes

I’ll chip in €10 to get the campaign to 10 homes 

I’ll chip in another amount

Thirteen of those who died since January were children. [3] Each one of those people who were killed, left grieving families behind. They had hopes and dreams for their future. Many were killed as they tried to protect their homes from Israeli settlers stealing them. [4] 

Already, thousands of us have signed the official EU petition called a ‘European Citizen’s Initiative’ calling for the ban. We’re 93% towards our target in Ireland. If we reach the overall target, EU leaders have to debate our demand – forcing trade with illegal settlements into the spotlight. [5]

When we come together, we are powerful. Lots of us chipping in any amount we can will mean the campaign will reach even more people who will take action.

We’ve no time to lose, with more lives being lost each week. WiIl you chip in to get the campaign posted to homes in Ireland so we can force this issue into the spotlight?

I’ll chip in €20 to get the campaign to 20 homes 

I’ll chip in €10 to get the campaign to 10 homes

I’ll chip in another amount 


P.S: You can sign the European Citizens Initiative Stop Settlements petition here.


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[3] Thirteen Palestinian children killed in the West Bank since January 2022

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[5] Stop Settlements Coalition: 150 civil society organisations across Europe launch an initiative to finally stop trade with illegal settlements & The Journal: Mike Murphy: Why I’m supporting a call on the EU to ban trade with illegal Israeli settlements

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