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Together we are greater than fear

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Title says, 'Greater than Fear', above a heart with the colours of the LGBTQ+ flag

“Together we are greater than fear”

This is the message that our community sent to people across the country with our full-page ad in the Irish Examiner, together with the Irish Network Against Racism (INAR), LGBT Ireland and The Rowan Trust. [1]

Last month, the devastating murders of Aidan Moffitt and Michael Snee left many of us reeling and sparked a massive outpouring of love and solidarity. [2]

Communities attended vigils across Ireland, sending an outpouring of support to the grieving families and wider LGBTQI+ community reeling from homophobic attacks.

Predictably, the far-right tried to use the tragic murders to cause havoc and division – by spreading lies and hate towards the Muslim community.

While members of the Muslim community joined vigils across the country to send love and solidarity to those grieving, they were met with verbal abuse and vandalism of their property from the far-right. [3]

That’s why our community joined forces with INAR, LGBT Ireland and the Rowan Trust – to send a message of love, hope and solidarity to all communities facing hate and prejudice. All of us want to feel safe, secure and welcome – nobody should have to live in fear. 

Here’s the message in our full-page ad that appeared in Saturday’s Irish Examiner:

This isn’t the first time Uplift members have refused to stay silent or stand by as some people try to divide us by weaponising hate. Time and time again, we’re a community that fights back against all forms of hatred and intolerance. 

We’ve sent condolences to the families of Ashling Murphy and George Nkencho. [4]

We’ve supported the #BlackLivesMatter movement and we’ve protested against Trump’s racist and divisive agenda. [5]

In times like this it is important to remember:

No act of solidarity is too small or insignificant. Together we help each other feel loved, safe, supported. We refuse to be baited by those who fuel the flames of hate and fear”

Fair play to all who were able to chip in to get our message of solidarity and hope in front of people across the country. 

We’re a fivers and tenners movement, counting on the support of individuals like you to stay independent and make actions like this happen. 

P.S: If you’d like to support Uplift regularly, you can do so here. You can also chip in by sending a cheque or postal order to Uplift, 13 Lower, Dorset Street Lower, Dublin 1, D01 Y893.


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