#DataCentres: Don’t let Big Tech steal our light

Data centres are putting so much pressure on our electricity supply that we’re facing rolling power cuts this winter - cutting off light and heat and putting local businesses at risk. When we surf the web or stream a video, we often don’t think that 'the cloud' takes up physical…
Layla Wade
28th September 2021
Text says Cannabis: a green new deal surrounded my illustrated hemp plant leaves CampaignNews

Cannabis: A (different kind of) Green New Deal

Across the world, countries are changing their attitude and approach to cannabis use.  Cannabis could be legalised in Ireland with just the flick of a pen. However politicians are dragging their heels - afraid they’ll lose votes or the support of their local community. They need to know this is…
Michelle Byrne
10th September 2021
End period poverty CampaignNewsNews Update

Ending period poverty – Why we care

Everyone should have the right to manage their periods with dignity and good hygiene. But lots of people in Ireland miss school because of feeling shamed and uncomfortable about their periods - and many struggle to buy pads, tampons or reusable period products. Something as fundamental to our wellbeing as…
Niamh O'Connor
11th August 2021
CampaignNewsNews Update

We fought for democracy and won!

At the height of the pandemic, when many felt powerless - we came together to protect our local communities. Local County and City Councils make lots of important decisions about what happens in our counties - everything from how many public homes get built, to how parks and wildlife are…
Michelle Byrne
29th July 2021
CampaignNewsNews Update

Supertrawlers: We made a splash in the EU

We’re winning! 🐬 After years of hard work from campaigners like you, this month  EU fishing rules have been overhauled and plans to put CCTV cameras on-board Supertrawlers have been voted through. Supertrawlers with huge nets are hoovering up fish and killing dolphins and whales off the coast of Ireland.…
Michelle Byrne
31st March 2021
CampaignNewsNews Update

People power is pushing back on CETA

CETA is a dangerous deal that threatens democracy and puts the interests of big business before the interests of people, our health and environment. The Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement (CETA), also known as the Canada-EU trade deal, is a gift to corporate investors and a threat to democracy. CETA signs…
Michelle Byrne
10th March 2021

Let’s learn about misinformation

From fake cures for COVID to strange lies about the U.S election, 2020 has been a big year for the growth of misinformation on the internet. Ironically, there’s a lot of conflicting information out there about ‘misinformation’ AKA ‘fake news’. Since 2019, Uplift has campaigned for legislation regulating misinformation, and…
Siobhán O'Donoghue
18th December 2020

Keeping Mental Health on the agenda

Over the last few months, our campaigning community has been fighting hard to have our voices heard by decision makers on the issues surrounding mental health, and the great news is we are winning. Read more in our blog.
Michelle Byrne
9th November 2020
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