It’s been two years since Barry’s Tea promised they’d stop using plastic after huge people-powered pressure from thousands of Uplift members. [2]  

See the petition

But Barry’s Tea has not stuck to their promise and are now responsible for huge amounts of plastic waste – as well as us drinking tea laced with plastic.

Fed up with their empty promises, Uplift members decided to take action again to fundraise to create a new campaign website with shocking statistics, including a live counter clock showing how much plastic waste Barry’s are producing every day, to reveal the true extent of the damage Barry’s are responsible for. [3]

Today we are launching that website. 

barrys tea website counter screenshot

We crunched the numbers and the figures are beyond what we could have imagined – people in Ireland consume a lot of tea. [4] You can now see how many Barry’s tea bags we consume for yourself with our live counter – 97 tea bags a second. 

Over two years, that is a lot of plastic – nearly 7 billion tea bags full of plastic.

Highlighting these figures is sure to make it impossible for them to ignore – they will have to follow through on the promise they made to ditch plastic two years ago. 

Check out Uplift’s Barry’s Tea Live Counter

We need to get the word out – please share the counter!

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