Cannabis: A (different kind of) Green New Deal

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Text says Cannabis: a green new deal surrounded my illustrated hemp plant leaves

Across the world, countries are changing their attitude and approach to cannabis use. 

Cannabis could be legalised in Ireland with just the flick of a pen. However politicians are dragging their heels – afraid they’ll lose votes or the support of their local community. They need to know this is something our community is passionate about. Together, we’ve campaigned for medicinal cannabis and voted overwhelmingly to campaign for decriminalisation. [1]  

We know as Covid-19 restrictions start to lift and worse news comes in about the climate crisis, we need to put forward solutions on how we can create a better Ireland – and fast!

That’s why Uplift members commissioned economic think tank TASC to research the benefits of the legalisation of Cannabis. They’ve found that if done right, we could create community wealth, fund local services, create jobs, and improve our health.  [2] 

Read the full report here

At a special event hundreds of Uplift members came together to make a plan to legalise cannabis – and it’s very exciting. We poured through the research we commissioned, and heard from campaigners and experts alike backing the call for legalisation of cannabis in Ireland. 

Watch the event video here

Today in Ireland, people are punished for growing and using a plant that has real potential to transform our communities in lots of positive ways; from improving the health of people with chronic illnesses, to providing jobs and supporting farmers.  

That’s why Uplift and TASC researched just what Cannabis could do for our communities. Here are our top 5 reasons why politicians should turn a new leaf when it comes to Cannabis. 

  1. Cannabis has huge medicinal benefits in many treatments; including pain relief, epilepsy, and stress.
  2. Legalising Cannabis creates community wealth; meaning rather than being punished or imprisoned, people who grow the plant are empowered to build enterprise and expertise. 
  3. Cannabis plants clean our air by sucking up carbon – something we badly need in a time of climate crisis. 
  4. Cannabis provides secure income for small farmers struggling to make ends meet. 
  5. Cannabis can create more local wealth that can be put towards mental health services, libraries, new roads, and improving our education system.  

While things are moving in the right direction, some politicians are still on the fence. But together, we can convince them if we raise our voices loud enough. 


[1] Uplift petitions: Legalise Cannabis in Ireland & Make Medical Cannabis Easily Accessible 

[2] TASC x Uplift: Cannabis and Sustainable Development: Examining the Social, Environmental and Economic opportunities presented by changing the legal status of cannabis in Ireland report.

Uplift Cannabis member launch video here.

Transcription of event by GreenLens here. 

[3] Red tape holding back the potential of hemp farming & Irish Times: Legalising cannabis could boost Irish tax revenues by millions & The Guardian: Why we must legalise cannabis now for the sake of public health

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