Most of us can agree that having a stable and secure home in which to live is the most important foundation on which we build our lives. But today in Ireland, the possibility of having a secure home to live in,  is slipping further and further from the grasp of everyday people living in Ireland. It’s clear that the Government’s current plan to deal with the escalating crisis ‘Rebuilding Ireland’ is not delivering the homes that we as the Irish public need and deserve.

While over 10,000 people are officially registered as homeless, the reality is that hundreds of thousands of us are facing instability in our housing situations, and as a result in our lives and our communities. This is making it impossible for many of us to build decent lives where we can go to college, get a decent job, start a family or help out in our local communities. When we can no longer support people to stay in their homes and build stable communities as a society, we become less stable and less able to flourish together. The belief that the housing crisis is impossible to solve is simply untrue.

The Peoples Housing Plan launched in 2019 will show that the solutions are not complicated. We just need all of us – decision-makers and voters alike – to come together to pledge to make it happen. I sincerely hope that you will join us in the fight for safe, affordable and secure homes today.

The Peoples Housing Plan will:

  1. Deliver public homes that are owned by all of us.
  2. Introduce a higher ‘use it or lose it’ tax.
  3. Make renting privately secure.
  4. Support the specific needs of marginalised communities
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