Rashmi is a member of Migrant Rights Centre Ireland’s youth group and is standing up not only for herself, but also for other young people and children growing up undocumented in Ireland so they can live full and free lives.

Growing up in Dublin I didn’t really realise I was undocumented until I faced milestones like my leaving cert, applying to college, and getting a job. It was hard coming to terms with the fact that I couldn’t participate in everyday life, in the only country I’ve ever called home.

I’m left in limbo as my school friends move on with their lives– like going to college, heading off for the summer, making plans for their futures.

There are others like me too – growing up Irish but without the papers we need to be able to live whole and free lives. Our dreams are on hold while we wait for the Minister for Justice Charlie Flanagan to give us a pathway out of this situation.

Now there’s a chance he’ll listen. After years of staying quiet me and my friends in a similar position are speaking out publicly. We’ve lost so much already and have decided to talk about how hard it is to be undocumented.

Minister Flanagan has the power to change our lives – but like so many politicians he needs to know he has support from voters and the public. That’s why he needs to hear from as many people as possible.

It’s the reason I’m asking you to sign the open letter asking Charlie Flanagan to put in place a solution for undocumented children and young people growing up in Ireland.

Let’s raise our voices together – will you sign the open letter calling for all children and young people growing up undocumented in Ireland to be given a pathway to residency?,


Sign the Open Letter
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