Uplift members Dave and Rachel delivering our petition on sex Education reform to the Department of Education

Regardless of where we come from or what we believe, it is safe to say that all people in Ireland agree that young people should be safe from school yard bullying, grow up informed about their own bodies and with an understanding about healthy relationships. 

That’s why we’re on the brink of reforming our outdated  sex education curriculum in Ireland, so that young people get a proper education on sex and relationships. But the reform is under huge attack from conservative people on the right, who are trying to put a stop to these changes being made. [1] 

The good news is, two expert reports are currently sitting on the Minister for Education, Joe McHugh’s desk. The reports outline the need for a sex education curriculum that is objective, holistic and factual without the barrier of religious school ethos. And honestly,  the campaign is at its most crucial point. [2] [3]

Last week we delivered a 2, 815 people strong petition to the Department of Education. While its a great start– if we don’t raise our voices and elevate our experiences, the recommendations could be tossed out the window. [4] 

We are the people affected by these decisions – but we are also the people with a powerful voice. We want to use our collective voices to push this reform to the top. 

Can you share your experience of sex education in Irish schools? 

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[1] https://www.irishexaminer.com/breakingnews/ireland/school-children-frustrated-with-pace-of-change-to-sex-education-in-schools-924286.html 

[2] https://www.ncca.ie/media/4003/summary-of-the-draft-report-on-the-review-of-rse.pdf 

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[4] https://action.uplift.ie/campaigns/Reform-Sex-Education

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