Homes For All – Mapping Our Stories

We all deserve a safe and secure home. This map tells the stories and consequences of this government’s failure to build public and affordable homes and the struggle of people who rent. There are more empty properties than families who need a home.

Types of stories

When we pool our stories, together we can be louder and speak with one voice. Choose the option that is closest to your experience and add your story to our people powered map. When politicians read for themselves and feel our collective pressure, then we can push for solutions that mean we all have safe and secure homes.

Each person’s story is pinned to a randomly generated point in their county, not their actual address. It may take a few minutes for your story to appear.

Note: If you have received an eviction notice please see our helpful blog post here on things you can do to avoid being evicted.

More vacant homes than people who need one!

The table below shows approximated data taken from the Department of Housing 2023 and the Central Statistics Office 2022. Vacant homes do not include holiday homes.
You can use the Search bar to filter on a specific county.
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