Gaffs 4 All. Join the movement for secure and affordable homes
Derelict house transforming into a new home

There are more vacant houses than people who need a home.
It’s a political choice that we don’t all have a secure home.
Together we can make politicians listen to us.

Home: The place where we lay down our heads, hug our loved ones and make our memories.
In Ireland we define ourselves by who we are and how we treat others, not by what we look like or how much we have in our pocket.

But certain politicians and greedy lobbyists are trying to make us fear those who are turning to cars and tents for shelter, dividing us while they make it impossible for many of us to afford any place to live.

So we’re going all in to turn empty houses in every community across Ireland into affordable, secure homes for everyone who needs one, no exceptions. Homes to raise our kids, pursue our dreams, build our careers and live in strong vibrant communities.

Get Involved

Local elections are on Friday June 7th.

Councillors in every community can lead the way in turning ghost houses into homes.

But they need to know that this is what voters want.

There are tons of ways you can be involved – share a story, write a letter to your local paper, email your candidates, chip in for eye catching tactics, get your pals to register to vote, put a poster up. 

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Tell your story

Are you or a loved one paying too high rent? Worried about being evicted? Stuck and can’t leave where you are? Share your story anonymously on our community’s story map.

Get on local media

Write to your local paper or radio station. Politicians read the paper and will sit up and take notice when they read voters’ stories.

Join the WhatsApp channel

Join the WhatsApp broadcast channel and be the first to know about what’s happening in the campaign.

Find a campaign in your area

Find a local campaign in your area to turn empty houses into secure homes for all.

Vacant Homes info pack

Arm yourself with the information you need to make vacant homes a top priority in 2024.

Chip in to fund the fight

Join the fighting fund. Chip in a few euro to fuel this people powered campaign.

Learn about real solutions

Read what councils can do to turn empty houses into homes.

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