We’re keeping a list of all our activity in relation to the coronavirus pandemic on this page. First up, here are the petitions started by members campaigning to make sure we can all take the necessary steps to protect the most vulnerable among us. Please sign and share to show your support.

We’ve been trying to support community and human connection despite physical distancing. Last Friday we ran our first “Songs of Struggle and Solidarity” (click the view the recording) video conference / concert! We’re aiming to run another every week. Keep an eye on your inbox and subscribe to our events on crowdcast.

We’ve also been trying to gather and share relevant information to help everyone access services they need, adapt to working a different way, and communicate and campaign in a spirit of solidarity and community.

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How to Talk About COVID-19

Update: 15th of April 2020 As the storyteller Alice Sachrajda says, the COVID-19 pandemic can be thought of like a story-book. As with every story we have a beginning, middle and end - we have a protagonist, we have a villain, and a big challenge that we must overcome. Originally,…
Siobhán O'Donoghue
20th March 2020
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