Irish neutrality: peacekeepers not warmongers

We, the undersigned, have no confidence in the Minister for Foreign Affairs Micheál Martin’s “Consultative Forum on International Security” .

We need a genuine public forum for the people of Ireland to engage in, with representation of the breadth of views that exist available to be discussed, debated, and decided by the people of this land. Outside of a referendum a citizen’s assembly is the appropriate forum for public consultation and debate.

We must heed Article 29 of the Constitution Bunreacht na hÉireann:
“Ireland affirms its adherence to the principle of the pacific settlement of international disputes.”

In the interests of the Irish people, we call for no changes to be made with regards to Ireland’s current neutrality criteria of the Triple Lock safeguard [1], and no further commitments to join new EU/NATO defence alliances without holding a Citizen’s Assembly or a referendum on Irish Neutrality.

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