We want to hear Irish women and diverse artists & music on radio stations

Radio stations in Ireland receive public funds but consistently discriminate against Irish women and diverse artists by refusing to include them in playlists. Minister Catherine Martin must show leadership and stop giving public funds to radio stations until they agree to a fair and equal balance in playlists and panels.
4th January 2024

Buy Conor Pass, rewild it, and make it a National Park

We want Minister of State Malcolm Noonan and Taoiseach Leo Varadkar to ensure that the state buys Conor Pass and turns it into a national park for the benefit of people and nature. This iconic landscape is too precious to be in private hands and should be owned by the…
3rd August 2023

Irish neutrality: peacekeepers not warmongers

We, the undersigned, have no confidence in the Minister for Foreign Affairs Micheál Martin’s “Consultative Forum on International Security” . We need a genuine public forum for the people of Ireland to engage in, with representation of the breadth of views that exist available to be discussed, debated, and decided…
22nd June 2023

Ban super factory ships in Irish waters

In recent days, a number of the largest super trawlers in the world have been fishing again in the Irish Exclusive Economic Zone. These monster vessels are multiples of the average sized fishing trawler. They are capable of catching vast amounts of fish on each trip and there are profound…
22nd March 2023

#FairPlayOrNoPlay – Protect GAA Referees

We love our games, but no referees means no games. That's why we're calling for a #FairPlayOrNoPlay approach to players', managers' and spectators' interactions with our referees. If you can't cop on with a ref, you've no business on the pitch or in the ground. We're asking GAA President Larry…
1st September 2022


Gaffs for All Petition: Support the ten key policies that can fix this crisis We call on the Government to immediately implement the following ten key policies to solve the housing crisis - which is an emergency: 1. Make housing a human right: Hold a referendum to put the right…
Brian Cuthbert
13th July 2022
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