Ban super factory ships in Irish waters

In recent days, a number of the largest super trawlers in the world have been fishing again in the Irish Exclusive Economic Zone. These monster vessels are multiples of the average sized fishing trawler. They are capable of catching vast amounts of fish on each trip and there are profound…
22nd March 2023

#FairPlayOrNoPlay – Protect GAA Referees

We love our games, but no referees means no games. That's why we're calling for a #FairPlayOrNoPlay approach to players', managers' and spectators' interactions with our referees. If you can't cop on with a ref, you've no business on the pitch or in the ground. We're asking GAA President Larry…
1st September 2022


Gaffs for All Petition: Support the ten key policies that can fix this crisis We call on the Government to immediately implement the following ten key policies to solve the housing crisis - which is an emergency: 1. Make housing a human right: Hold a referendum to put the right…
13th July 2022

Protect all people fleeing war

The European Council of Ministers are voting tomorrow on a directive on the temporary protection of Ukrainian refugees. We want our Ministers at the meeting to urgently endorse this directive and simplify the procedures for all people fleeing war, regardless of their nationality, skin colour, gender identity or sexual identity.
2nd March 2022

Stop Investors Buying Our Homes

Stop global investment funds buying up entire estates and apartment blocks, depriving families and people of homes, and driving up prices. 1. Scrap investor tax breaks - scrap REIT tax 2. Impose investor tax of 50% on profits 3. Restrict sale of new developments to individual home buyers & not…
6th May 2021
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