Uplift is a community of people taking coordinated action for progressive change in Ireland. We are a self-supporting independent organisation. We believe that when we work together towards a common goal we can create a better society.

In order to help our community grow and affect real change, we’ve set up a new campaigning platform to help individuals, communities and organisations to set up their own petitions and to grow their own progressive movements.

The following resources have been put together to help anyone with an interest in campaigning to make the most out of the tools we’re providing. As your campaign grows you may be interested in looking at some of the more advanced topics that deal with campaign strategy and how to leverage your support to achieve real change.

Remember, Campaigns are informed by our shared values; to promote social justice, to defend fairness, protect our rights, preserve the planet and to deepen democracy. We can’t support campaigns that promote hate, are not meaningful, or that conflict with our values.