Clare County Council became the first council in Ireland to pass a motion to declare the county a TTIP Free Zone. The victory was a result of a local people powered campaign started by Uplift members John Higgins and Barry O’Driscoll.

Here’s how you can start (and win!) a campaign in your local area in just three simple steps:

  1. Contact your local councillors and ask them to agree to put forward a motion to declare your county/city a TTIP Free Zone.
  2. Start a petition on My.Uplift like this one used by John and Barry in their campaign. Send it to your friends, family, people who you think would also agree that TTIP is bad for us all.  With support from the Uplift office team, we will make sure other Uplift members in your area hear about your campaign.
  3. In the lead up to the council vote, the Uplift community will row in behind the campaign and together we’ll call every councillor asking them to vote to make your area TTIP Free.

By working together locally, we can stop TTIP in its tracks.

Check the map below to see if there’s a local TTIP Free zone in your area. If not, why not start your own? You can take the first step by clicking here