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European Citizen’s Initiative to Stop Settlements

Re: the petition calling on the European Commission to put EU law into place that will end trade with illegal settlements once and for all.

Why is this important?

The EU opposes annexation and considers illegal settlements in occupied territories as an obstacle to international peace and stability. But even though illegal settlements constitute a war crime, the EU allows trade with them. That trade allows for profits from annexation and contributes to the expansion of illegal settlements across the world.

We are calling for an EU law that will end trade with illegal settlements once and for all. This law will apply to occupied territories anywhere, among them the Occupied Palestine Territory and Israel’s illegal settlements there. The law will also send a powerful signal around the world that the EU will no longer reward territorial aggression with trade and profits.

Once you enter details on the first page, you’ll then be prompted to complete some more information for the ECI. Please make sure to fill out the second request for details to ensure your name has been registered officially for the ECI.

Sign the ECI Petition

What am I signing when I add my name to this European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI)?

When we collect one million signatures across Europe the European Commission will be legally obliged to respond to our demands.

Why do I need to give so much information?

This is not a normal Uplift petition! A European Citizen Initiative petition is the official way for EU citizens to call on the European Commission to act. Because your signature carries more weight, they ask for a few more details to verify your identity. The Irish government requires this personal information and that they will verify it at the end and reject incorrectly filled ones. Uplift does not have access to any of your details on the official ECI form. The commission doesn’t touch that data.

Sign the ECI Petition

Who can sign an ECI?

Any Irish (or other EU) citizen anywhere in the world can sign it. They don’t have to live in the EU. e.g. Irish passport holders in the North can sign.

More FAQs on the campaign


Ensuring Common Commercial Policy conformity with EU Treaties and compliance with international law

We seek to regulate commercial transactions with Occupant’s entities based or operating in occupied territories by withholding products originating from there from entering the EU market. The Commission, as Guardian of the Treaties, has to ensure consistency of Union’s policy and compliance with fundamental rights and international law in all areas of EU law, including CCP. It must propose legal acts based on the Common Commercial Policy to prevent EU legal entities from both importing products originating in illegal settlements in occupied territories and exporting to such territories, in order to preserve the integrity of the internal market and to not aid or assist the maintenance of such unlawful situations. The initiative thus invites the Commission to submit a proposal for a legal act under the Common Commercial Policy which is general in nature and does not target a specific country or territory.

Sign the ECI Petition

If you’ve any more questions, don’t hesitate to contact us on [email protected].