Protect Ireland’s Soil, our food, our water and our health

Soil puts food on our tables, clothes on our back, and the roofs over our heads. We depend on soil to keep our water clean, prevent floods, and store lethal carbon. Basically, soil is the unsung hero of our daily lives.

But Ireland’s soil is at risk. Overuse, harmful pesticides, dodgy industry and excessive development have jeopardised the future of our food, our water, and our health.

Uplift members have teamed up with organisations across Ireland and Europe to push for the European Commission to pass a Directive to safeguard soil [1]. We need 8,250 signatures by September 12th 2017. Can you add your name?

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What exactly am I signing when I add my name to this European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI)?

A European Citizen’s Initiative petition puts a lot of pressure on the European Commission to respond to the call for new rules to protect soil. Hundreds of thousands of people across Europe have already signed.

Why do I need to give so much information?

This is not a usual Uplift petition! An ECI is the official way for EU citizens to call on the European Commission to act [2]. Because your signature carries more weight, they ask for a few more details to verify your identity. For information about how your data will be protected, click here.

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