Here are some of our fondest memories of working with you.

When we first got to know you…

“I didn’t know how anything worked and you took time on zoom to go through and explain everything perfectly!” David

“I first met you via skype call when you were still in LA! I was really excited at the prospect of working with someone who had so much background in fundraising!” Siobhan

“When you and Anna came down to Schull and you told us the story of how you gave up getting loads of money to make Commit Change open source. I think you also got a very awkward call from an angry investor while we were sitting in the pub and I remember you being very cool about it.” Emily

“When I first started you took so much time to zoom with me and show me how to do things – and you never made me feel like a burden for asking a lot. You encouraged my curiosity and helped me learn things way outside the scope of our work right from the start.” Clodagh

Times we won’t forget

“When you managed to convince Anna to help us get 5,000 signatures laid out on a 10 foot piece of paper for the Ibrahim Halawa petition delivery. You saved my ass!” Emily

“The 2nd week you were at Uplift we all gathered in my house in Schull for few days. I remember we were all in the pub on a Friday evening (after working upstairs for the afternoon) Some of the regulars were enthralled by you – you had your laptop in front of you and we kept telling them that you had just come from Silicon Valley! So exotic.” Siobhan

“I was struggling to make some changes for GDPR and you were immediately ready with a substitute fix so I didn’t have to panic.” David

“I remember really vividly when we were first becoming friends and you came along with me to the social change incubator showcase night for the Ideas Collective. The ideas were pretty interesting and I loved your take, but what I won’t forget is that you told me I should back myself. It meant a lot to me, and I took it to heart.” Clodagh

Thank you so much for everything you’ve given this team.