It’s Friday and we wanted to share something to smile about – so here’s an overview of some of the amazing things Uplift members have been doing recently.




The right of older people to be cared for in their own home has been under the spotlight recently. [1] Uplift member Carol started a petition calling for home care to be included in the Fair Deal Scheme – now signed by 16,676 people.[2] Hundreds of us called politicians – helping secure Dáil agreement that home care could be included in the Fair Deal Scheme.


A few months ago, Uplift members came together to discuss what we could do together on the Garda whistleblower controversy. After the recent revelations about the treatment of Maurice McCabe and his family, Uplift community members organised solidarity vigils throughout Ireland. We were in the news, brought community members together and helped


From the “Muslim Ban” to attacks on rights for trans people and a rowback on climate change commitments, Donald Trump’s decisions have caused shock waves. Uplift members are playing our part in standing up for democracy and human rights. Almost 40,000 people signed a petition [3] and thousands of us pooled our ideas and opinions about what we should do next.


Did you know that Uplift receives no corporate or government funding? This movement is funded through grassroots support, and €7 is the average donation. It’s Uplift members that own and keep this community going.

Over the last year Uplift has grown by 50% and we’re beginning to have a real impact as a people powered community throughout Ireland. Will you make a donation to keep the momentum going?

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Ireland’s wildlife is in danger, and over 26,000 Uplift members have stepped up to make sure our birds, bees and berries are kept safe. [4] If the pressure keeps up, Minister Heather Humphreys won’t be able to stand in the way of all the people concerned with protecting Ireland’s environment.


Workers’ rights has always been a priority for Uplift members – and the past few weeks showed the importance of standing up for these rights. Tesco workers went on strike due to cuts to pay and working conditions for the company’s longest serving workers. Uplift
members stood and continue to stand in solidarity with Tesco workers. [5]


After our billboard campaign was blocked, we took to the streets of Dublin, Cork and Limerick with our mobile billboard trucks and flooded social media – guaranteeing our people powered message was seen by thousands of people. And this week Uplift members turned up the heat on Fianna Fáil by taking to the phones before they discussed CETA at their parliamentary meeting. [6]



Members of the Uplift community are strong, passionate, kind and inspiring – and that includes you! Every action, no matter how small, will have a real and tangible impact in building a more sustainable, fair, and prosperous future for Ireland. When we work together, we’re powerful.


More power to you,

Siobhán, Emily, Roderick and Shauna – the Uplift team

PS: Is there issue that you’re passionate about and would like to campaign on? You can create your own petition here: Create Petition