Brands to Boycott for Palestine

Below is a list of recommended brands to boycott.
This list is not comprehensive, but in order to be effective, it’s better to focus on a small number of specific targets.

You can purchase sheets of BDS stickers here.



Lidl’s brand Lupilu wipes are currently made in Ashdod, Israel. Formerly the Palestinian town of Isdud.

WaterWipes, Aveeno


Hewlett Packard runs the biometric ID system that Israel uses to restrict Palestinian movement, as well as other systems for the IDF.

Avoid buying HP products.





Coca-Cola has a factory in the illegal Israeli settlement of Atarot, built in Occupied Palestine.

Don’t buy Coca-Cola.
Don’t sell Coca-Cola.



Supermarkets own brand products.


McDonald’s Israel supports the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) by providing free food and drinks to Israeli soldiers.

Don’t eat at McDonald’s.



Local family-owned restaurants


Puma is the main sponsor of the Israel Football Association (IFA), which includes teams in Israel’s illegal settlements on occupied Palestinian land.

Don’t buy Puma products until they stop sponsoring IFA and Israeli teams operating in illegal settlements.



Sports brands which do not sponsor Israeli teams in occupied territories


Israeli-owned website building tool. Based in Tel Aviv, Israel.  Wix in Dublin fired an employee who criticised Israel on her personal social media account. Some Wix staff were also encouraged to support Israel online.
Don’t use wix to build your website, use another service. Don’t work for Wix.


WordPress. Weebly, Squarespace


AXA continues to invest in Israeli banks which are complicit in Israels occupation and apartheid in Palestine. Don’t take insurance from Axa. If you already have AXA insurance, switch as soon as you can.
Don’t work with Axa.



Allianz Insurance,, FBD Insurance, Irish Public Bodies Insurance, Zurich

Siemens Logo


Siemens is deeply involved in a project to enable the state-owned Israel Electricity Corporation (IEC) to send fossil fuel-based electricity to Europe using assets based on illegal settlements.

This will further entrench EU complicity in Israeli war crimes against Palestinians and the climate crisis.

Don’t buy Siemens products.


No alternatives researched yet.


Osem is an israeli food manufacturer which operates in Occupied Palestine. Nestle owns a controlling stake in Osem.
Avoid Nestle products until they divest all operations in Occupied Palestine.
Especially avoid any Osem brands such as Sabra Salads and others which can be found via the wikipedia page in the source.


Supermarket own brand options.


Airbnb allows listings in occupied Palestinian territory, and after announcing it will remove 200 of such listings, it reversed its decision, showing it is knowingly complicit in Israels occupation.

Don’t rent property on Airbnb. Don’t list property on Airbnb. Delete the Airbnb app. Don’t work for Airbnb.



Volvo heavy machinery has been used in the demolition of Palestinian neighbourhoods in Occupied Palestine, benefiting them commercially from the Israeli occupation.

Don’t buy Volvo machinery. Don’t sell Volvo machinery.



No alternatives researched yet.


Hyundai heavy machinery has been used in the demolition of Palestinian neighbourhoods in Jerusalem, benefiting them commercially from the Israeli occupation.

Don’t buy Hyundai cars or machinery. Don’t sell Hyundai cars or machinery.


No alternatives researched yet.
Caterpillar/Cat logo

Caterpillar / CAT

Caterpillar bulldozers have been used in the demolition of Palestinian homes. The D9 bulldozer was specifically designed for the IDF.

Don’t buy Caterpillar clothes or machinery.

Don’t sell Caterpillar clothes or machinery.



No alternatives researched yet.

Motorola logo


Motorola has well-documented links to the Israeli military occupation and settlement enterprise and supplies the IDF with numerous technology products.

In the past, they manufactured bomb fuses for IDF bombs.

Don’t buy Motorola products.



No alternatives researched yet.


Pampers are made in factories on occupied territory, and is owned by Procter and Gamble, who opened an R&D center in Tel Aviv, Occupied Palestine, in which it invests $2bn annually.

Don’t buy Pampers products. Don’t sell Pampers products. Don’t work for Pampers.



Supermarket own brand products


L’Oreal is a ‘warm friend of Israel’. After sending a letter to the Arab League with information helping the boycott, they paid a $1.4m fine and issued an apology, before fostering a new relationship with Israel, with heavy investment and even operating a factory in Occupied Palestine.

Don’t buy L’Oreal products. Don’t sell L’Oreal products.



Lush cosmetics