Uplift launched in December 2014 with the vision to be a mainstream people vehicle that connects people who share progressive values in real and immediate ways to take coordinated action.

We work together to make Ireland’s economy more fair, deepen our democracy and make our environment more sustainable. Social justice, equality and sustainability are our bedrock values and political independence is defines us.

Uplift uses digital technology to support member driven campaigning – both on and off line. The common denominator across the community is that we share progressive values. Campaigns are selected on the basis of member preference and interest, timeliness, and relevance to promoting progressive values achieving tangible progressive change. In 2016 we launched MyUplift – a platform that enables members start their own petitions and campaigns.

Uplift members come from every walk of life, generation, every part of Ireland as well as many who live overseas. As of June 2022, over 340,000 people have joined the Uplift community. 

Uplift is inspired by the impact of advocacy groups like MoveOn in the United States, 38 Degrees in the UK, GetUp in Australia, and Leadnow in Canada, who have successfully brought together digital campaigning tools with people-powered action. These, and other inspiring organisations, have come together under the OPEN Network (Online Progressive Engagement Network).