Ukraine Solidarity Group – Members’ Form

Thanks for your interest in helping those fleeing war in Ukraine and welcoming them into our communities.

Please fill out the form below to give local organisers more detail about what can be offered in their area.

This form will be shared with the lead organiser(s) of the local group in your area.
Please fill out the form accordingly to give them more of an idea about what can be offered in their area.

Note: Uplift do not vet organisers or members of groups; we simply provide the platform to connect members interested in helping.

Uplift advise that any offerings of accommodation should progress through the Irish Red Cross’ Pledge a Bed campaign. This is to help ensure that both those in need of accommodation and those offering accommodation are given the necessary support.

Ukraine Solidarity Group - Member Details
Are you willing to be Garda vetted?
In some cases depending on the support you’re involved in you may be asked to be garda vetted as there may be vulnerable people involved such as children.
How can you help? (Please tick all that apply)
Availability: Mornings
Do you give permission for the above information, including your email and phone number to be shared with the lead organisers of the local group? They may contact you to add you to an organising group and get involved in local efforts.

Please note that you must agree to share your information before you can submit this form.